Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return' Gets a New Trailer (Updated)

Aaaand Lea Michele's name is spelled wrong...
It looks like Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (formerly titled Dorothy of Oz) is finally on track, as it is still set to hit theaters on May 9, 2014. And we've got a brand new 'theatrical trailer' for the animated musical, via Yahoo! Movies...

Whoa, this is an underwhelming trailer! Is it an Oz movie? Yes. Does it look cute? Sure. Does it look like it can compete with theatrically-released animated movies today? No.

I can't imagine that an average moviegoer would be interested in seeing this movie after watching a trailer like this.

While I'm still rooting for the movie, I'm really disappointed with this trailer and it sort of blows my mind that $70 million was spent making this. The quality of the animation is subpar even when compared to modern Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon content, so much so that I was expecting to see an "Own it on DVD" title card at the end!

The trailer feels sloppy, rushed, and thrown together. There's an even an aspect ratio inconsistency in several different places (most noticeable at the 0:39 mark). At least Lea Michele's name is spelled correctly in the title card and credit block!

After seeing Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful and then the animated musical Frozen, I don't think that the general public will find this trailer appealing enough to watch the movie in theaters.

UPDATE: A producer has informed me that another, longer trailer for the film will be released in February. I'm hoping that I can say more positive things about the movie then!


Jared said...

To me, the production doesn't look distinctive enough from the trailer. It looks like just another animated family comedy with an Oz slant. It might do moderately well, but I'm not going to hold my breath that it hits a billion at the box office.

Mike said...

It's not the most scintillating trailer ever, no, but it's probably enough for average parents to decide yea or nay whether they can take their kids to see it, and I imagine some of the goofy humor will appeal to the little ones. The "candypault" and the infinite Jester costume also seem like touches Baum himself might have approved of but, no, it doesn't seem like it'll have much to offer diehard Oz fans.