Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sniff, sniff... Is that... Gingerbread?

Last night, I found another e-mail from Hungry Tiger Press: their new edition of L. Frank Baum's John Dough & The Cherub should ship by the end of June. (If you live close to them and get Priority Shipping, you may get your copy by July 4th, John Dough's birthday!)

I support HTP, but right now am unable to buy anything from them, or any other online retailer. (Lack of cash, hence why I enabled Google Adsense on the blog.) I plan on buying it as soon as I can afford it, though. But that might be awhile... So, right now, I can only support them by enouraging you readers to buy their books, which you should! (BTW, I am under no obligation to HTP to promote anything.)

For a bit extra, you can try for the Slipcased Limited Edition, which will be priced significantly higher, but should be very good quality, as you can expect from all of Hungry Tiger Press' items.

The story (if you want to just read it, click on the title above, but I'd still reccomend getting the book) follows the adventures of John Dough, a life-sized gingerbread man who was brought to life due to a mix-up in the bakery where he was created. (What the mix-up was, you read the book and find out yourself!) He soon gets to the Isle of Phreex (How he got there? Read the book!) and meets Chick the Cherub, the Incubator Baby. (But is Chick a boy or girl?) But John has to keep one step ahead of Ali Dubh, who wants to devour him. (Why? Read the book!) Along the way, we meet one of Baum's most amusing non-Oz characters, Para Bruin, the Rubber Bear. What happens to them all? Read the... well, you know by now!

The book is related to Baum's Oz books (and not because Baum wrote it and John R. Neill illustrated it) because Baum placed John Dough's kingdoms of Hiland and Loland across the Deadly Desert from the Land of Oz. In fact, John Dough, Chick the Cherub, and Para Bruin attend Ozma's birthday party in The Road To Oz. In an unfinished draft of an uncompleted Oz book by Baum, a couple of King Dough's subjects appear in Oz.

Also, the King of the Fairy Beavers and the Mifkets (Read the book!) appear in Jack Snow's The Shaggy Man Of Oz. (Sorry, no link!)

Buy this rare treat from Hungry Tiger Press and read it!

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