Monday, January 07, 2008

Contact Information


I prefer that Oz fans e-mail me at

I do Instant Messaging with a program called Pidgin, which can connect to most instant messaging services. I'm online often, but not all of the time.

I have four accounts open for Oz fans, ever want to chat, give me a holler:
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM):
Google Talk/Jabber/XMPP:

I am also on Skype, and my Yahoo address is the one I have connected to my account. If you want to connect with me that way, please e-mail me to arrange a time.

Everyone's contact information that I have stays with me. I do not share contact information with anyone without consent.

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If I am asked to review your work, this does not promise a positive review. You, as the author or creator, must accept what review I write. I reserve the right to remove the review with or without notice to you.

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