Saturday, January 05, 2008

My blog URL... what it means

Okay, probably some of you have wondered what my blog's URL means. I mean, newwwoz? What on earth?

Well, those who have been following my blog for a LONG time, you will know the blog was originally about my scripting of a new film series based on Baum's Oz books. (Yes, I am still doing this, but screenwriting is not quite is as easy as you'd think. There is plenty of re-writing and revising involved. Plus, if I can get these sold, the less revealed to the public, the better. So, anything I posted from my script, it's not there anymore.)

The newwwoz meant "New Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

Well, blog entries were going about the rate of molasses through a pin hole, so I decided to expand the scope of the blog, and change the name. I didn't change the URL though. I didn't want anyone who had linked to my blog, or any links I'd posted, to break. So I left it.

And now, over 150 posts later, I've finally figured out what it could mean.

"New Web Wizard of Oz"

I guess I deserve that, at least...

See you around.

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