Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resozlutions

2008 is upon us at last. We are nearing the end of the first decade of the 21st century. And with every year, I intend to make some changes in my life (though... the very personal ones I try to do ALL of the time, not just make a goal to work on in the next year), and some of these affect my involvement in the Oz community...
  • Get a new, better-paying job with more flexible hours. I may be on the verge of this... wish me luck! This would allow me more time on my Oz projects.
  • Finish The Wonders of Oz. This should work out... There are 7 more planned episodes!
  • Go to an Oz Convention... if the job-thing works out. We'll see... I'd prefer to go to Winkies. Hmm... Maybe as a late birthday present to myself?
  • Re-design and re-launch my Oz website. Already working on it...
  • Contribute to The Baum Bugle. Already contributed something, but it's just a news item. (Don't keep your eyes peeled to see what it is... Believe me, if you've been reading this blog entry so far, you already know.)
  • Get the Oz screenplay pitched. Oh... yeah...
  • Follow up on e-mails better. I usually do this, but there are some I've let slip through. There is a reason for it, though. Someone will e-mail a question, I'll answer, and suddenly I am expected to begin a long correspondence of e-mail. I do correspond with a few people, but these are collaborators: I am working on something with them. I don't mind answering questions, but I can't keep up a pen-pal. (Or key-pal.) By the way, for anyone who has not recieved mail from me, I just did not wish to continue the correspondence like that. It's nothing personal, I just don't do it.

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