Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why Wonders Is Exclusive To YouTube

Over my time as a YouTuber, I have been asked to post my videos elsewhere. No, YouTube hasn't warned me about content, it's that some people have accounts on multiple video hosting site.

Well, given some recent developments, I'm not going to. Here's why.

I recently discovered that Cory Williams ("Mr. Safety" of SMPFilms) removed almost all of his original music videos (comprised of original footage he filmed and songs he wrote and recorded) from his YouTube Channel, due to "copyright infringement" notice by Viacom, owners of the other popular video hosting site, IFilm.

It seems that Cory posted some (if not all) of his videos to IFilm as well. Apparently, IFilm claims exclusive copyright to submitted content. In my opinion, that's wrong: it should remain the intellectual property of the creator, who recieves no payment for the broadcast of their work. (In Cory's case, he is a YouTube partner, one of a select group who attracts people to YouTube with their videos, and recieves some of the revenue YouTube earns with the advertising.) So, when they found it on YouTube, they claimed that Cory had infringed their copyright...

So, that's why I stick with YouTube... And YouTube only...

Because I don't want some corporation telling me that I can't use my own work how I'd like.

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