Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great O.Z. Videos!

Hey, it's been awhile since I've done an entry in "Great Oz Videos," so here's a new one. This time, these are fan-made music videos using clips from the Sci Fi Channel's Tin Man mini-series, which premiered last month (lots of people either taped it, or got ahold of video files through file sharing...), and will be released on DVD March 11.

Oh, and I'm trying this little thing out... Now you can navigate to which video you want to see in one embedded player. I'm putting in a list below.

We kick off with two fan-made music videos for Breaking Benjamin's "Home," which is a great song! (Nice videos, too.)

Then, everyone thinks there should have been a romantic subplot with DG and one of her human companions. First off, we have a music video dedicated to DG and Glitch, set to Imogen Heap's "Breathe In." Then, there's one for DG and Tin Man Wyatt Cain, set to "Saving Me" by Nickelback.

Finally, we have two more humorous videos. One is a video set to the famous "Numa Numa" song, made famous by some chubby guy named Gary doing a lip-synch. Then, we have a video that gets really funny: "Popular" from Wicked, except instead of female characters singing it, we have Glitch instead of Galinda, and Wyatt Cain instead of Elphaba... I was laughing...

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