Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few announcements

Okay, haven't blogged in awhile. Been busy. I've been doing more screenwriting, working on Wonders 7, and set up an Oz fan fiction forum.

The screenwriting, I can't talk too much about. But if this movie gets made, you'll be in for a treat.

Wonders 7 has progessed slowly. TOO slowly. You see, when you see a video that I ripped from a DVD in an episode of "Wonders," I ripped it to an AVI video file encoded with DivX. I use Windows Movie Maker (2.1, if you're interested) to edit the videos and well... Windows Movie Maker hates DivX! Supposedly my computer lacks proper memory to use DivX videos in Movie Maker, and the project file was taking 1 to 2 hours to load, and then the program would crash in five minutes! I have found a semi-solution, and hopefully I can get it done soon. However, when we get to Wonders 8, chances are, I may be using some new, more DivX-friendly software...

Tuesday, I had the idea of setting up an Oz fan fiction site, and eventually decided it'd be easiest if I set up a forum. I mentioned this to Matt Bloom, who I contact frequently, and he had a domain and server I could use! He installed the forum software to the site, and gave me the login info so I could start administering on the forum. Due to the already set-in-stone domain name, I had to name the Forum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Fan Fiction Forum. Here is the link:

There's a section for every type of Oz fan fic you could think of, and all are welcome! Plus, there's now a forum just for chit-chat. It's awesome!

So, go and register and have fun! (Just read the Terms of Use before posting. They're not too restrictive, but I'd appreciate it.)

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