Friday, November 09, 2007

Wonders 5

Okay, on all the other items, I've said the same thing:

Returning for the fifth episode, "The Wonders of Oz" presents "Before The Rainbow" (I know... the title's been used... twice...), covering the early Oz plays and films before 1939.

Matt Bloom subsitutes for Aaron Pacentine, who was very busy with his Oz event at the time of recording.

I was going to wait until after Aaron's event to make the video, but when Mr. Bloom heard of it, he offered to record the narration. Aaron agreed when I informed him, so Matt was in.

Second, I know some of the editing looks a little rough. Well, my computer is being a grouchy old man. I was lucky that it didn't crash Movie Maker for the 7th time, or suddenly shut off again. (Anyone got a good deal on a laptop with Windows XP?)

Anyways, I did my best under the circumstances, even if I had to NOT check my e-mail in the morning...

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