Friday, September 26, 2008


Okay, before I leap into a short blog, I'm going to note that the blog looks a bit different... I upgraded from template to layout at last. I removed the video player that would play the "Wonders" series (fondly nicknamed "The Wonders Widget") as it slowed down the blog for people with slow computers (like me). I also removed the link for the short-lived networking version of the International Wizard of Oz Club Forums, as that site was re-focused, and is accessible through the Club's site. Unfortunately, I couldn't retain the categories I had the links in, but I did retain the order. Also, I added a spot to view my "followers."

Okay, now for the blog...

I have a bit of a confession. I am one Oz fan who has not had a dream where he visits Oz.

I know other Oz fans have had such dreams, but not me.

I did once have a dream where I met one of my "Oz friends," and we visited a bookstore, and I came across a set of Oz books in matching editions. For some reason, I was excited, my friend was not and said it was time for them to go home. (Which I was disappointed at, because of the other, non-Ozzy half of my dream where I lost and found them at a large outdoor event...)

The set of books was quite interesting. They were all paperback, with plain spines. But the front covers each featured an illustration from the book with an odd green pattern around them. The title of the book was printed in a blank white area in a plain, elegant typeface. The author's name was below. I believe the whole Famous Forty was there... Despite the plain designs of the books, the effects of the black picture against the white background with the green pattern was quite eye-catching.

Still, I wonder if my inability to fully envision Oz visually in my mind affects my inability to actually dream about it. Seemingly all my dreams take place in the world I've been living in for over 22 years. And they're all so vivid, I have to wonder when I awake if it was a dream or if I really lived it. (How many times have I missed work because of impossible circumstances? Only in my dreams.)

And now, knowing my luck, I'll probably have my first dream in Oz tonight since I mentioned it. (Or not.)

(And here's another dream I had that I posted on my personal blog. I get a chuckle remembering it.)

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Nathan said...

I'm not sure I've ever actually had any dreams about visiting Oz, but I've had plenty of Oz plots. Probably the closest I've ever had to a dream where I actually went there was one where I was somehow reading a story about the Nonestic Ocean while also being there in a weird way. I also remember seeing a lot of weird Oz books in my dreams, including The Royal Crab of Oz (which I've since written in rough draft form), something about squirrels, and another one in which Oz has a Time of No Magic like the one from the Xanth books (which I guess sort of did happen in Enchanted Apples, but not the way it did in my dream).