Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got the audio for the podcast (see previous blog entry) synced up properly. Some of Sam's audio at the end was missing, but as I won't be using it in the final cut of the podcast, it won't be missed.

What I will be removing is parts of dead silence, parts where I and the other people involved were looking over the illustrations from Ozma of Oz, parts where we went off subject (too bad, as there was one humorous spot where Al remarked I suddenly sounded quite English), and maybe mute some parts that don't need to be heard.

One advantage I have on that last item is that I recorded in stereo. My lines are on one channel, while the people I was talking to, namely Al and Sam, were on the other. If I accidentally talked over one of them or vice versa, it's easy to mute that part without muting the whole thing.

All right, I stayed up way too late taking care of that... Off to bed I must go.

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