Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Vampire, A Werewolf, and A Ghost Share A House In Oz...

I was in a chat room a couple weeks ago, where fans of the BBC show Being Human could chat with each other, and somehow, despite it being the dirtiest chat we'd ever had, somehow... We drifted to Oz.

keepmakingtea: Eileen. (loveheart icon)
Eileen: wah?
Eileen: a heart? for me?
Eileen: Thank you!
keepmakingtea: If I only had a heart...
Eileen: aww, poor heartless KMT
Eileen: i would give you mine
Eileen: but i need it
keepmakingtea: Ah'll 'ave tae see the Wizahd, then.
Kinkyclawz: Aww, you're wrong KMT. You're full of heart. *hugz*
Kinkyclawz: Aha! KMT's Wizard of Oz reference! Well done!
Eileen: yes but a bad joke that noone gets can only get badder without getting better
Eileen: lol KMT
keepmakingtea: Picture me, a balcony, below a voice sings low: "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"

The Wizard of Oz meets Being Human.

Eileen: Who is Dorothy?
Eileen: Goerge needs to be Toto!!!!
Fang: Oh I didn't get that wizard of Oz reference, I must be the scarecrow
keepmakingtea: lol...
Kinkyclawz: LOL As wella s the cowardly lion!
keepmakingtea: Annie - Dorothy... George - Lion, Mitchell - Tin Man.
keepmakingtea: Heheh...
Kinkyclawz: LOL AWW! So who gets to be the scarewcrow?
Eileen: ok back to the scaregrow
Kinkyclawz: lol who needs a brain? SETH! He could have been teh scare-grow.

Now, can you guess which one is me?


Oz RPG said...

Wild and crazy guess: You are keepmakingtea. I'd know that Scottish accent anywhere.

Jared said...

You are indeed correct. In fact, I edited the log to say KMT, because they actually call me JD.