Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winkies or Bust

So, since I moved in with family, my bills were greatly decreased, down to paying my cell phone bill and other necessary items, as well as pitching in with the household.

People who've been reading my blog for a long time know I want to go to the Winkie Convention, but the past few years, my finances or family issues were prohibitive. When I realized the situation I'd be in now, I thought that maybe I'd finally get to take the short vacation I've wanted for awhile. (My dream vacation is actually visiting my friends who live in other countries.)

With some extra pay coming next month, I just finished talking about it with my room mates, and they're cool with me going.

SO... Looks like, unless something weird happens, I'm going to the Winkie Convention at last. Now to plan how to get there... (Anyone else going who I might be able to meet up and travel with, contact me!)

I won't try to pull off anything really big, I just want to enjoy it. But anyone else who's going might be surprised at just how quiet I can be in person.

1 comment:

alancook said...

Good for you!

Take a ton of photos.

I wish they had things like that over here in Glasgow.