Sunday, June 27, 2010


After examining the first eleven of Baum's Oz novels, I took a short break to re-read The Shepherd of the Hills, as I'd not read it in years, and I'd made up a special edition for a Father's Day gift for my father, but had also bought a copy for myself.

Anyways, I'm back re-reading The Tin Woodman of Oz already. As I wrote a nice blog about it sometime back, I'm considering revising that for a new blog. Not a lot of point in trying to re-write what I've already written and published. What I hope to add is new thoughts on the story, as well as letting Sam add in his own thoughts.

A little bit of news that came to my e-mail today is that Hungry Tiger Press has re-vamped their website with a new design, and a new, more customer-friendly online store. Also new is a blog in which Hungry Tiger Press operator David Maxine blogs about Ozzy topics and announces new items. Since I'm a fan of feeds now, it will help keep up with what's going on with this small publisher who turns out excellent editions of Oz-related works.

And if you're wondering, yes, I will definitely be at the Winkie Convention, unless I die or meet with some incapacitating accident. Expect photos. Maybe video. Maybe I can even use this new mp3 player's microphone to record an audio journal to release as a podcast. Or maybe I'll just enjoy the experience.

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