Friday, December 03, 2010

More Magic Sled!

If you haven't heard the latest podcast yet, I got some extra links!

David Maxine on the Hungry Tiger Press blog offers not only the complete text, but all the illustrations the story has ever had!

Here's my examination of the story from last year, when I went through all of the Santa Claus stories by the authors of the Famous Forty (and their adaptations).

The story "The Magic Sled" was selected very early on out of a small number of Oz-related Christmas short stories. Instead of sending out casting requests, Mike Conway was contacted to narrate again, and reprise the role of Santa Claus, the same task he'd had in last year's Christmas podcast.

I'd already thought of having one of my little brothers voice Bobby, and it happened to be my baby brother Daniel, who visited one day. His dialogue was recorded in less than ten minutes with only a couple re-takes.

I'd contacted Kim McFarland and another Oz author to voice Bobby's mother. Kim almost immediately recorded her lines and sent them to me. The other person was unsure of how to record, so when I informed them that Kim had already recorded, I graciously let them drop out.

The editing of the story was finished in a half hour, with my introduction and conclusion added, as well as a score behind it.

So, the podcast is up and ready for you to share this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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