Monday, April 23, 2012

The Box of Robbers - first pictures

Victor (Luke Seymour) stretches after confinement, much
to the surprise of Martha (McKenzie Lewis), in an outtake.
 My little brother Arthur was over here and we began editing his short film based on L. Frank Baum's "The Box of Robbers."

We didn't finish due to my video editor suddenly refusing to work, but he was sure he could finish editing it in class tomorrow.

He informed me that part of the assignment was that the film needed to be five minutes long, so he's going to create two different cuts: one short one for the assignment, and a longer one he'll release on YouTube. He's also expressed interest in a behind-the-scenes video featuring a lot of outtakes.
Victor (Luke), Luigi (Zach Robertson), and Beni (Zach Weber)
are surprised to discover they aren't in Italy anymore...

Just be warned about that, the cast is entirely composed of teenagers. Those are some rowdy bandits, as I've seen just by looking over the footage...

Arthur adapted the story very faithfully, though given he couldn't make it a period piece, he did a fine job of placing it in modern times.

I did ask about the possibility of putting it on DVD, but Arthur regrets that selling DVDs to Baum film collectors will not be possible because he used a camera from OTC, a state-funded college, meaning he can't sell footage shot with tax-funded cameras. (I did suggest the DVDs be sold at cost, and he said he'd ask.) He'd like to do commentary for it, since it's his first attempt at a seriously-done short film.

Finally, I made a suggestion as to when Arthur would put the full version on YouTube, and when I explained my suggestion, he agreed: May 15, 2012.

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