Friday, November 02, 2012

'Oz the Great and Powerful' poster & other things

If you didn't know... IT'S FRIDAY! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and ate a bunch of candy and all that jazz. Let's get right into the news today, shall we? I think we shall.

The House of Mouse has released a witchy new poster for Oz the Great and Powerful, set to hit the big screen on March 8th. Word on the street is this is the first of three panels that will make up one, glorious image. See the full poster and press release here. Cool beans, right?

In other news, a company called Spooky Cool Labs recently launched (with sort of random timing) a licensed Facebook game based on the 1939 film. I played it for about an hour when it was in beta last week, and I enjoyed it. You can play the game with your friends (or by yourself) here.

My friend Ryan Jay is a nationally-syndicated film critic and huge Oz fanatic. He recently interviewed legendary director Robert Zemeckis (who, by the way, was rumored to be directing a live-action remake of the '39 movie for Warner Bros...), and asked him if he would be interested in directing the long-rumored film adaptation of the musical Wicked for Universal.  Watch his response here.

After the Wizard recently had a red carpet fundraiser event in Memphis, Tennessee. See all the pictures from that event here!

  That's it for this week, children!

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