Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Royal Forums of Oz downtime

Any visitors of the Royal Forums of Oz might note that the site is down at present. I am fully aware of this, in fact I asked for it to be shut down myself.

The reason being that I checked the forums and my antivirus popped up, warning me of a trojan on the site. The server host confirmed there had been a security leak and the skin (the "look" of the site) had been infected and needed to be repaired or changed. I lost write access, so we decided to shut the site down to prevent the trojan from infecting anyone's computer. We plan to be back up soon, though.

It's a good reminder that it is imperative that you use up-to-date antivirus software if you're connected to the internet or download materials. If a site ever asks you to shut it off, don't. I personally use Avast! antivirus, which has served me quite well.

If you accessed the Royal Forums of Oz in the past couple days, definitely run a virus scan on your computer.

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