Thursday, January 31, 2013

So, this happened...

So, if you remember, I tried out for the position of editing The Baum Bugle in July 2012. While the position went to Craig Noble, I was and am pretty cool about it. (Especially considering I wound up going on a bit of Oz burnout earlier this month... Hence why there were so few blog entries this month.)

However, I did offer my services, and an offer did come up. I won't say I'm actually the editor of the section, but I am largely responsible now for preparing the Oz and Ends section of the Bugle.

Oz and Ends contains announcements of Oz events and merchandise, briefs of auctions and theatrical productions, and in the past, it's even contained mentions of Oz references in television shows. (They don't do that anymore, or at least, not recently.)

So, that means if you got something for Oz and Ends, go ahead and send it my way. I hear Oz news all the time, but considering I've been doing that for years, sometimes I forget that "This should be in Oz and Ends!"

There's a variety of ways to reach me, but I'd prefer any notifications for this be e-mailed to me at Please include "Oz and Ends" in the subject line, as I'm setting up a filter for this for quick sorting and reference.

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