Monday, February 11, 2013

The Making of a Podcast...

Very soon, we'll be releasing the next "Movies of Oz" entry for The Royal Podcast of Oz, and in it, the film of focus is The Wiz from 1978.

A long while back, there was a thread about the movie on Facebook, and many people were discussing the movie, offering opinions of varied knowledge. One guy stood out, though. His name was Garrett Kilgore. He seemed to know quite a bit about the movie and the original play. I remarked that we should have him on the podcast when we discussed the movie.

And that is why we didn't get the podcast out in January. We had to find a time when I could talk to both Sam and Garrett, and when we did, we recorded about three hours of audio. This included a point where we all had to take a break and when we had to stop and restart recording because an odd echo popped up in the audio.

Sam offered to edit this podcast, and having a podcast to edit already, I accepted. He managed to get it down from three hours to two hours and eighteen minutes, four minutes longer than the actual film. (I joked to Garrett that if we sync it up to the movie, we might have some weird moments that match up.) After he sent it to me, I did an editing pass on it, and cut out six minutes.

However, I had to send it to Garrett before I can get it out because while we were recording, his audio would drop out. I had to ask him to repeat many things so we'd have it, but some moments slipped through, and a few couldn't be fixed with just cutting to the next part. He'll re-record some bits on his own, then I'll put it all together and finally get it out.

Which means, yes, we don't mind having a third voice on the podcast, and we are considering inviting third voices for later podcasts. However, before you rush me an e-mail, Facebook message, comment, or whatever, note that the reason why I invited Garrett was because he is very knowledgeable about the film we discussed. (He even knows what was up with the Emerald City song sequence!) We aren't looking for people who are just fans of these films, because that's what Sam and I are. Okay, we do read up on them, but largely, that's what we are.

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Sam A M said...

There's the three of us putting more time, energy and effort into perfecting the edit for "The Wiz Podcast" and getting it right, than there was by the whole cast and crew for the actual movie!