Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Royal Podcast of Oz: The Movies of Oz - Oz the Great and Powerful (Discussion)

After reviewing the new movie Oz the Great and Powerful in the last episode, Jared and Sam now dissect it! What happened to China Girl? Should there be a sequel? Where's Ozma and the Good Witch of the North in this Oz? Jared and Sam discuss, and Sam rants!

As always, you can listen and download at the podcast site, or use the player below.



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rocketdave said...

Sorry if this is a crazy question, but these conversations aren't scripted, are they? For some reason, it always sounds to me like Sam is reading from a script.

Sam A M said...

No, no script included . . . unless you count the notes I write down for myself to remember, or the constant thoughts I go over as some rehearsal.

But what we record is pretty much what Jared hears for the first time, too.