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Early word on the 75th Anniversary Home Video releases of The Wizard of Oz

DVD release
Hot on the heels of the details of Oz the Great and Powerful's home video release, we get the first word on the next home video iteration of MGM's The Wizard of Oz.

While we only have a list of available editions right now, it appears that the only new thing when it comes to image is the new 3D version. It seems there is some reauthoring done on the discs, but the Blu-Ray will be the same print from 2009. There has yet to be a press release, so we may be in for a surprise.

However, if you preorder now, it appears you can get the new DVD and Blu-Ray editions for some rather nice prices! (Prices listed reflect the prices on as of this posting and are subject to change. They are also rounded to the nearest dollar.)

The solo DVD release (it appears the 2009 Ultimate Collector's Edition/Emerald Edition will be the last multi-disc release of the movie on DVD) is available on Amazon right now for $12. This could be a 2-disc set, but it's more likely to be a single disc release.

Blu-Ray release
The Blu-Ray release is available just now for $14. I would think this is more of a re-release of the 2009 edition. There seems to be new content, but we'll get there in a bit.

3D Blu-Ray release
Unlike the unpopular move Disney made, the 3D Blu-Ray will come bundled with the standard Blu-Ray release with a new cover. As it's now selling for $25, even if you don't have a 3D Blu-Ray player and a 3D TV, this might be an okay price to purchase your first 3D Blu-Ray at.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Warner Brothers release if there wasn't a big box release. This is the only picture we have of it so far.
The "Big Box" release
It will contain the 3D Blu-Ray, two Blu-Ray discs, and two DVDs. Perhaps that is confirmation the DVD will be 2 discs, but one might actually be a digital copy disc. This big box is selling for $74.

Amazon actually has some details here:
Hours of extra content including:
  • Sing-a-long feature with the film
  • Complete Magic Cloak of Oz silent shorts (60 min)
  • All-new making-of Documentary
  • The Dreamer of Oz TV Special (101 min)
  • Munchkins at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Featurette (20 min)
  • Patchwork Girl of Oz (60 min)
  • 6 hr. MGM Documentary When the Lion Roars (exclusive to Blu-Ray)
Exclusive Promotional Items:
  • 48 pg Hardcover Photo Book
  • Ruby Slippers Sparkle Globe
  • Collectible Award Pin Set by The Noble Collection
  • Journal
  • Frameable Map of Oz
Amazon exclusive Promotional Item:
  • 4 GB "Wicked Witch of the East" flash drive
 These details are sketchy. Hopefully mentioning The Magic Cloak of Oz, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, and The Dreamer of Oz means that they've changed those titles from the 2009 release. (The 1914 silents had no score and could have used some trimming of film reel footage, unlike the other silent films, and Dreamer had a pretty poor quality print.) There's a "All-new making-of Documentary" listed, meaning we'll get some sort of new content, and the six hour documentary When the Lion Roars will also be included, though whether it's been authored onto one of the Blu-Rays or it's the second DVD is not clear. (It was included as a double-sided DVD on the Blu-Ray Emerald Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition in 2009.)

And as you can see, driving the price up are some non-disc goodies. Unlike the 2005 and 2009 releases, there are no reproductions of 1939 memorabilia. There are two books, a "sparkle globe" featuring the Ruby Slippers, and a Map of Oz that looks like it's based on the books. And if you get this set from Amazon, they'll include a flash drive that will look like the Wicked Witch of the East's feet are sticking out of your USB port.

I've preordered the Blu-Ray edition and the Big Box to lock in the prices, but I'll be cancelling one or the other before they're released. (Though I actually like all of the covers!) I'll also be keeping an eye open for the press release for more details. Remember, with Amazon, you'll always pay the lowest price they had available if your preorder.

(Thanks to Wayne Anthony Miller for alerting Oz collectors to the listings!)

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Sam A M said...

I tend to get a bit irritated when public art for MGM's Wizard film (video covers, insert-yourself photos, other posters, etc.) makes a landscape that doesn't actually look like the film's actual presentation . . .

Judy/Dorothy's lips are too dark on the 3D Blu-Ray cover - and WHY are the friends' legs REFLECTED on the Blu-Ray's YBR? Was their road polished?

I'm glad they're NOT replicating/repeating the non-disk features from before. These new ones actually do sound interesting.

Actually I DON'T HAVE the "Lion Roars" Documentary yet . . .