Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Somewhere Is Oz

For Ozma's birthday, I've uploaded this video I've had sitting around for awhile. Back when I first transferred The Wizard of Oz Returns record album, the sound wasn't so good due to the fact that I had bought a cheap record player.

Regardless, I made a video of Dorothy's first song on the album "Somewhere is Oz" with clips from Disney's Return to Oz. The sound quality was so poor that Sam suggested I not upload it. Recently, I went ahead and got a new turntable that produced much better sound and made a new transfer. I simply replaced the audio and had a much better version, though the method I used prevented me from fading out the audio at the end.

I've posted the video in a Return to Oz group on Facebook, but for Ozma's birthday, I decided to give it a YouTube debut. Enjoy!

And if you're wondering, the lyrics are:
Somewhere is Oz
Magic land, far away
Beyond mountains
Emerald City

Oz full of laughter
Oz full of fun
Oz where I so wish to be

You needn't live there to love it
I know what I say is true
Once you have gone to that land
It lives on within you

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