Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little heads up...

The Royal Shop of Oz will be closing.

For a couple years, I've had an Amazon Astore to link you to places to buy books, DVDs and the like. In return, I get a tiny fee per transaction that eventually build up that I consider reimbursement for paying for the domain name of the Royal Website of Oz and hosting the podcast.

However, I also live in Missouri, which has introduced laws putting new taxes on internet income. As such, Amazon is withdrawing us from the program. I presume I could still link you to items on their site, and I don't see why they'd close my Astore, but I have a better suggestion...

Why not use my friend Eric Gjovaag's shop instead? His listings are more comprehensive and frankly, he does a better job of keeping it up to date.

And Christmas is coming in a few months. If you have other Oz fans (or people who should be Oz fans) on your shopping list, it might be a good time to get started!

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