Thursday, February 13, 2014

Current Oz Writings

Well, I'm working on a few Oz stories. Thought you might like to know about them...

First up is A Signal From Oz. This is the follow up to Outsiders from Oz. Xander Philly works one of the dullest jobs ever: filing patents in the Evna Patent Office. But one day, a strange newcomer arrives to register a backlog of patents, which soon turns into whirling away into adventure!

Then there's The Guardians of Oz. A prequel to L. Frank Baum's Oz books gives us a peek at a tumultuous time of Oz history, including how Glinda became the Good Witch of the South and how the Good Witch of the North defeated the Wicked Witch of the North. This might not be book-length, so I'm considering publishing it in a book with "The Way of A Lion" and possibly other short stories telling pre-Dorothy tales of Oz. Sam's already been developing some great artwork for this one.

However, I'm mainly working on a couple short stories right now. First up is a rewrite of my short story "Roselawn," which catches up with the titular characters of Dot and Tot of Merryland in 1919. While the plot is the same, this version is longer, making use of a couple more characters and fleshing out the story a bit more.

Then there's a story for an anthology I was invited  to write for. The working title is "A Royal Family of Oz." Ozma reveals a few things about her past, thanks to the arrival of Tommy Kwikstep in the Emerald City. (And oh, how I've brought him back.)

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