Friday, September 26, 2014

Images of Oz

I recently placed an order from for Oz or Oz-related books I've been waiting to pick up. It was partly prompted by Shawn Maldonado releasing his book Images of Oz, so here's a review of that. (There were four books in my order.)

Images is actually what it says it is. Subtitled The Oz Art of S.P. Maldonado, it features several pieces of artwork by Shawn, some from published projects (such as my Outsiders from Oz) and some not seen before. Some were online at Shawn's blog, others are totally new to me.

I was a little taken aback opening the book as my introduction that I wrote in 2010 is the first thing you see. I'd almost forgotten I'd written it! (It is not the first time I've forgotten I've written something due to be published...) Upon reading it, I decided I was okay with it.

Opening up, there are due title and copyright pages, acknowledgements, and then the art begins. Kicking it off is at least one piece of artwork for each of the public domain Famous Forty Oz books (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz each get two pieces), each one illustrating a scene either not depicted by Denslow or Neill, or one that Shawn has illustrated in his own style. Then there is cover art for the books that Shawn's illustrated, including the artwork for Outsiders from Oz.

Next is a series of illustrations, pictures of characters, sketches, and then the comic page I wrote (and initially drew) back when Shawn first contacted me, which I mention in the introduction. The rest of the book contains John Bell's "The Ransom of Button-Bright," and portraits and other illustrations, including a black and white rendering of the artwork for the exclusive Outsiders from Oz color plate. This all comes packaged in a nice color cover.

My only complaint might have been to include some text as to what the pictures were. It's not a confusing matter, but might have enhanced the enjoyment of the artwork.

Although I'm likely biased, I enjoyed this book and looking over it, despite its short length of 80 pages.

You can purchase the book on (And if you want a lower price, keep an eye on this page for coupon codes.)

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saintfighteraqua said...

I'm happy to see stuff like this coming out. I really wish Eric Shanower would publish an Oz art book. Good luck Mr. Maldonado!