Thursday, November 20, 2014

Introducing Craig! And why there aren't a lot of blogs now...

Well, a couple days ago, you guys saw something new on the blog. After seeing some of his neat posts about his large collection of Oz and Baum books on Facebook, I invited editor of The Baum Bugle Craig Noble to post them on the blog.

You may have noticed that I haven't been writing here much lately. To be honest, I try to think of something to blog about and come up with nothing. When I come up with a good topic (which is not often, sadly), it winds up going to another place for publication, such as The Baum Bugle or the Winkie Convention Program Books. I've been writing on the blog for nearly nine years now.

Also, I made the move from being a blogger to also writing Oz fiction and now have to devote a lot of creative energy to that as well. Add in my day to day personal life, and it can get to be a little much to keep up regular blogs.

Another thing is that I recently finished writing the first draft of a new version of The Wonders of Oz documentary. Rather than doing about a dozen episodes of shorts, I wrote a single documentary that can be broken into three parts. I'm hoping to create a much better documentary than what is currently on YouTube and look forward to moving onward to the next step of making it happen.

I hope to get everything straightened out sometime and hope I can get it all into a nice balance, including the blog, but right now, if I'm not able to turn out entries quite as frequently as in the past, please bear with me!

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