Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Royal Podcast of Oz: The Movies of Oz - The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz

Jay and Sam are joined by Garrett Kilgore again to discuss a 70 minute cutdown of an obscure Oz anime series, plus some amusing additional comments on other Oz related entertainments.

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Ozfan95 said...

Digiview was always making errors with their DVDs. I used to have the DVD with the eight minute long "Wizard of Oz" anime, and the cartoons listed on the back were incorrect. Only two of the cartoons on the list were actually on the DVD. There was also a picture of "Moonbird" on the back, but the cartoon wasn't on it. The Digiview DVD for the 1942 Jungle Book movie listed the time as over two hours long, when it's actually about 108 minutes long. The DVD for a low budget Oliver Twist cartoon listed the time as way shorter than the actual movie time (I remember thinking, "Shouldn't this movie have ended by now?"). The DVD for a low-budget "Puss in Boots" had pictures on the back from an American cartoon version, but the actual cartoon was from an anime instead (it was a fun movie though, and I think they corrected the pictures later). So, frankly, I'm not surprised that the DVD for "Wonderful Galaxy of Oz" listed the time as 50 minutes, when it was actually 78 minutes. Digiview was always getting things wrong. Granted, they did put out quite a few good movies (I discovered the 1972 "Alice in Wonderland" movie because of their DVD of it), but they just weren't a very good company.