Thursday, June 09, 2016


I have set up a Patreon campaign for The Royal Podcast of Oz.

Patreon is a crowdfunding site, so a bit like Kickstarter. However, instead of a one-time payment, users (known as "patrons") sign up for a monthly contribution. In return, the person operating the campaign may offer rewards or "perks" for contributors, usually in the form of exclusive content or early releases.

As our first patron, Laura Gjovaag, defines it, think of it like a tip jar.

All funds will be used for the podcast, at the moment, funding the hosting plan, but will also assist in helping me replace and upgrade recording equipment. If we get there, stretch goals are listed on the campaign's page.

For The Royal Podcast of Oz, episodes are usually published as soon as they're ready, so the only perks I can offer is listing your name and a link for your website, blog, Twitter on a page I'll be setting up on the podcast website. Those who donate a little more will get free access to my Oz stories in digital form, and I have an omnibus edition of Outsiders from Oz and several of my first Oz short stories that will be exclusive to Patreon backers who have been donating $5 a month for a year.

I mention possibly doing dramatized Oz and Oz-related stories. Sometime back, I began writing an adaptation of L. Frank Baum's The Enchanted Island of Yew as a serialized story titled Prince Marvel. Some funding would help this go from being a script to an actual audio production, distributed freely through the podcast.

I've never been keen on asking for money, but I'm also not thrilled about possibly putting ads on my websites or suddenly shilling Audible or Nature Box on the podcast so I can attempt to improve what the podcast offers. However, Patreon works better than a PayPal donation because it offers a platform to easily offer rewards and even try to connect with backers. (It's entirely possible that the next Christmas and L. Frank Baum special episodes could be determined by Patrons.)

So, if you feel a little generous, here is the link to the campaign again. Thank you!

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