Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Birthday Girl of Oz

In writing his 4th Oz adventure, "the Road to Oz", L Frank Baum wrote two passages in the book that gave a specific date for the time the story was set:

"I wish it would snow; don't you?"
" ' Course not, Shaggy Man," replied Dorothy, giving him a severe look.  "If it snowed in August it would spoil the corn and the oats and the wheat; and then Uncle Henry wouldn't have any crops; and that would make him poor; and - "
"Never mind," said the Shaggy man.


"Do you know Ozma?" she asked, wondering.
"I regret to say that I do not," he answered, sadly; "but I hope to meet her soon.  You know the Princess Ozma is to celebrate her birthday on the twenty-first of this month."
"Is she?" said Dorothy.  "I didn't know that."

So ... "August" and "twenty-first".
Ever since then, August 21st has been chosen by Oz fans to be the day they celebrate Ozma's birthday, wherever they are in the world;  and they do so in whatever way they can that plays tribute to the favourite Queen of Oz.

One of the imaginative and creative ways of celebrating her Birthday (last week) is by editing fan videos on Youtube (and elsewhere).

This unique version, starring Shirley Temple and Agnes Moorehead from the 1961 TV Show, combines the two transformation scenes together with some music from Walt Disney's animated classic "Sleeping Beauty".
I made this one a few years ago, before technical and other difficulties prevented me from finishing other videos (including two others for "Patchwork Girl" in 2013; and especially more videos to this Playlist adapting "Wizard" in Music Video form).

(I also made a image that had John Neill's illustrated surrounded by onscreen presentations - that image has yet to be modified for satisfying further viewing)

Of course this isn't the only video to celebrate Ozma, by me or anyone else; each video does something different:
Coloured-in illustrations from the book that act as a showreel for Ozma's Guests, Gifts and Birthday Celebration  . . .

 . . . A selection of clips from the 1999-2000 Russian animated "Adventures in the Emerald City" series . . .

 . . . and finally one that shows the different portrayals she has had onscreen throughout the century!
(these two done by Jay "RoyalKidofOz" Davis)

No matter how often she changes in looks or age, in the books or onscreen, her Birthday will always be celebrated by Oz Fans on the 21st of August.

All Hail Ozma, the Birthday Girl of Oz!!

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