Sunday, March 25, 2007

Queen Ann and other things

Okay, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. In the future, however, I should be blogging more frequently. Why? Because I now have Internet Access at my apartment! It only took two days to get the whole thing going! Hee-hee! Yeah... I'm not really so good at computers as people think, but I do learn!

The same day I got my access, I also got Queen Ann in Oz in the mail, along with my Chapter 6 fan club tee. (Okay, you probably weren't very interested in the t-shirt, but it was in the mail! And I had to wait over four months for it!)

I read Queen Ann in two days... in between getting my computer all ready for the Internet. It was written by Eric Gjovaag of , someone in the Oz community I really respect, and Karyl Karlson. The story is very smoothly written.

In the book, Queen Ann of Oogaboo sets out with some Oogabooian children to discover what became of her parents.

Other than that, you will find these in the book:

  • The origin of the Love Magnet!
  • Shaggy Man's real name! (I had to laugh at this!)
  • Fun!
  • Adventure!
  • Excitement!
  • Princess Ozma!
  • No appearance by Dorothy! (But you don't miss her.)
  • An ending that says "GIVE ME A SEQUEL!" (Which I wouldn't mind!)

Read it if you haven't! It's only 14 years old!

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