Friday, February 15, 2008

Most watched Wonder...

It has recently come to my attention that the second episode of "The Wonders of Oz" has had over 3000 views, while all the others have only had a few hundred or so. (Episode 1 has only about 1290 by now.)

I found it curious. To be sure, Matt Bloom made his first appearance as the voice of L. Frank Baum on it, but him attracting that many views is unlikely. Then I remembered something.

The end credits song is by a very popular a capella group called Chapter 6. Likely, people doing searches for them turned it up. Maybe their interest was piqued and they watched it, probably expecting to hear a part of Chapter 6's "Wizard of Oz" abridgement. However, they found a trimmed excerpt of "I'll Be There" from the group's first album A Capella 101: The College Years.

Now, it seems, the video may get more views, as I listed the group members from 1999 in the video description. One of them, Luke Menard, has made it to the top 24 of this year's American Idol competition. (I've seen Chapter 6 live about a dozen times or so, and I've met them all. Luke is a very friendly fellow. His wife, Lara, is very fortunate!)

Yeah, so this year's American Idol may get that video more views...

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