Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Winkie Photos

Okay, last night I got the challenge to find an alternative source of income, rather than my current job. I have some ideas, and I hope they work out, because now I really want to go to Winkies next year!

Eric Gjovaag posted a link to this photo album at the International Wizard of Oz Club's Message Board. These photos are by Oz Club director Peter Hanff.

Anyways, I'd encourage any Oz fan to look through these, especially if you've considered going to a convention.

People to keep an eye open for in these:
The Wonders of Oz Narrator Aaron Pacentine
Fellow Oz blogger and site owner and all-around Web Wizard Eric Gjovaag
Oz Author and Illustrator Eric Shanower
Oz Expert and Publisher David Maxine
Author Michael Buckley
Oz President Angelica Carpenter
Dorothy and Ozma!


Oz RPG said...

The Dorothy and Ozma girls were perfect!

Wouldn't the Ozmapolitan con be a little bit easier for you to get to?

Jared said...

I guess it would, but the people who attend Winkies I want to meet more. (Ah, well... Maybe someday I'll be going to both.)

Oz RPG said...

True. I did notice Aaron Pacentine and Eric Gjovaag in the pictures in the album. I wouldn't mind meeting those guys either.