Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Horrible Land of Oz on Halloween

Heheh... Yeah, this was fun, and made pretty quickly! I had the idea from the line from Glinda at the end of The Wonderful Land of Oz that what if Tip is considered a malicious spirit who possesses kids, making them tuck in their shirts at inopportune moments and speaking mush-mouthed! Heheh... Hollywood would eat that up with a spoon!

I did the mix of the audio sometime back, I slowed down the audio from the song "I Don't Want To Be A Statue" and then brought the pitch back to it's normal level, creating a hollow-sounding vocal. SO, the voice there IS Channy Mahon!

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Nathan said...

I guess that interpretation of Tip would fit in pretty well with the events of "A Murder in Oz."