Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Thought...

You know, I was thinking about L. Frank Baum's death and how he left his wife Maud.

Thinking over his life, you have to admit that likely being under Baum's care was no picnic. He was out of money often, most of his business ventures failed, and the family was constantly moving.

When he finally broke into writing children's books with Father Goose: His Book (and later, the Oz series), some stability finally came into the Baum family's life with a home in Chicago and a cottage by Lake Michigan.

However, the family went through one more crisis when Baum invested in the Fairylogue & Radio-Plays, a business venture that eventually led to Baum declaring bankruptcy. (Though, in truth, Maud was directly receiving the royalties from Baum's books.)

That was really Baum's last financial disaster. The Oz Film Manufacturing Company did not involve any of Baum's own money, though it did ultimately fail.

When Baum died, he told his wife that she hoped she would stay at his home at Ozcot, where they had "been so happy."

And she did! Until her death in the 1950's, Maud stayed at her husband's home in Hollywood, thanks to the royalties from her husband's books. She never had to worry about money again.

It's a little creepy but still romantic to think that Baum was able to care for his wife after his death, even better than he had in life.

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