Monday, January 05, 2009

A Revelation

Sera Alexia: Do Ozma and Ozga have a Baum reference to their names?
Ma ud
Ga ge
Jared Davis: ...
Sera Alexia: Right?
Jared Davis: I never thought of that! WOW!

Floored in an IM session... A facinating theory that Baum may have derived the names of Ozma and Ozga from the first and last names of his wife.

This was brought up to me by Sera Alexia, who has an Oz fansite here: (LINK), and also writes fan fiction at my site: (LINK) as "Sera."


Nathan said...

I've seen that proposed before, actually. Maybe it was in Annotated Wizard?

Did Maud have a middle name, by the way?

S.P. Maldonado said...

Martin Gardner did an article in the autumn 1998 of The Baum Bugle about this very thing.