Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where's Wonders 12?

I was writing this on my other blog, then thought it should really go here. Beware of the technical jargon!
I still try to do Oz videos, but with my change in video editing software, making my videos is no longer as easy as it was. Those multi-layered videos are now made in a very complicated fashion, often the video and audio clips are compiled into separate files, then edited into segments, which will then be edited into the full-length video.

This makes for more tedious and longer work, though I believe the results are better than when I was using Windows Movie Maker. Yes, at times I am tempted to use it again, since the option is available since I got a new computer. The pro is I have more control than before of how the finished video will look. The con is that it takes longer.

My problem with Windows Movie Maker is that while it's easy to use, it's unstable. I wind up doing complex videos, and in order to do so, I often need to install new software and codecs. Movie Maker is often out-of-date with these and will become unstable with the new software. This makes it crash or run very slowly.

And that, dear people, is why Wonders 12 has been taking so long. I did try to get some good content lined up for it, but those plans fell through. Ah, well...

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Oz RPG said...

Just do it right, Jared. If you can do that, any delay can be forgiven.