Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anyone for a game?

Can anyone guess what not-so-Ozzy book this quote came from?

The hospice building is not unattractive. They have faced over the grey blocks with some nice yellow brickwork. There is no yellow brick approach road to the place, however.

I was re-reading this book last week (and found myself enjoying it more than the first time), and came across this subtle reference to Oz.

A hint is that I mentioned reading (but not re-reading) this book in my other, more personal blog.

Anyone want to guess what it is?

(This quote is copyright of the author, and quoted as fair use.)


Oz RPG said...

Wild and crazy guess: The Clockwork Orange?

Jared said...

"A Clockwork Orange," and the hospital was never seen from the outside. (The treatment centers for the Ludovico technique were white.)

You are, however, in the correct landmass.

Angelo said...

Alan Venters?

Jared said...

That's a character in the chapter it appeared in, but what book?

Angelo said...


Angelo said...

By Irvin Welsh?

Jared said...

Yeah, you got it right, except that it's IrvinE Welsh. (But that was likely a little typo.)

Woo-hoo... You get ... 10 cool points, which from me are pretty useless. :D