Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unauthorised Magic in Oz (Sam's View)

For Jared's view, see this blog.

I have never read Edward Einhorn's Oz books Paradox in Oz (though at a younger age I was interested in getting that book) and The Living House of Oz, but I have seen the Puppet Performance that combines the two books into Unauthorised Magic in Oz.

I really liked this show. The way the puppeteers and "actors" played the characters (Dr Majestico with a European Professor style, Omby Amby an English soldier, etc.), and the Living House was excellent: in a solid design, the narration and how he fills in the blanks.

This was a funny show, in that the constant insistence of accomplishing the impossible: destroying an indestructible with a spell. Dr Majestico is pretty determined, and doesn't listen to the authorities of Oz (Glinda and Omby Amby), which makes them a bit tired.

The music and sound effects are also done quite well, among them Glinda's background played out by a harp, and the showing of how time is passed by quickly.

We do see the people working behind the scenes, sometimes that can be distracting, but it doesn't happen constantly and is not too much of a problem.

The only thing I'm not too fond of is how some words aren't right being said in Oz, like how Glinda is VAGUELY MGM-like even though here she is more motherly-teacher like, and Buddy having a rough voice. And I prefer her wearing white than red and/or pink, but at least she is drawn superbly by Eric Shanower.

I do hope to read Paradox in Oz someday, and even The Living House of Oz before too long, and if this under half hour dramatisation is anything to go by, it'll be worth reading with great illustrations.

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