Thursday, April 01, 2010

APRIL FOOL: EA Games announces new Oz game!

Announcement from the company that brought us a Pinball construction set in 1983. Right off the bat, I could tell it was a doozy of an announcement. Loving the description! Fully playable Oz mapped out. Oh, this is going to be good. Lucky fans, we are.

From Kevin Taylor from EA: "We're delving into every location, every character from your favorite Oz stories by L. Frank Baum and mapped them out. Players can explore everywhere from the Yellow Brick Road to the Island of the Skeezers. And they can play as a wide selection of their favorite Oz characters, or create their own character, who can be either a visitor or a resident of Oz. And using online game play, they can team up with another player.

"There are various plots that you can follow. While you won't find every Oz character from the books in the game, we're including many of them. You can ride the Sawhorse to the home of Reera the Yookoohoo, or you can accompany the Woggle-Bug to the home of General Jinjur.

"I find it odd that no one else has seen the viability in the scope of this game before. Baum's characters and John R. Neill's illustrations lend themselves well to a video game, and the possibilities of stories you can play are almost endless.

"The game should be available in stores by Christmas and we're porting it for the XBox360, the Wii, and the PS3. Just now, we have no plans for a handheld game, but if this game sells well enough, then we'll look into that."

You can read more and see a bit of concept art here.

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Nathan said...

Man, that's a cruel joke. Not because I believed it, but because now I wish it were true. Anyway, back to reading my copy of Jack Snow's Over the Rainbow to Oz. Oh, wait, April Fool's was yesterday.