Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Royal Podcast of Oz: An Interview With Eric Gjovaag

I’m delighted to release this podcast, where I interview Eric Gjovaag, the webmaster of The Wonderful Website of Oz, as we discuss his online work, the book Queen Ann in Oz, the Oogaboo Rendevous, the Winkie Convention, his favorite Oz books, and Oz movies. As always, you can play it or get download links at the podcast site, or use the player below.

This is the next to last podcast I'll be releasing where I used a analog headset, and it should also be the last where extensive editing was required due to buggy software. Due to a problem with the latest version of Skype, sometimes Eric's audio would cut out for the recording program I used, so I'd need to cut and splice his audio so it would make sense and still represent what he was trying to say. I attempted to make it sound as good as possible, but still, some parts may sound a little off. However, when I mentioned the audio problems to him, he was very cooperative and even re-recorded a couple of lengthy answers. He was an excellent interviewee.

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