Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am doing terribly!

Sorry for lack of blogs, folks. Fact is, I've gotten in stride into my Oz book, and want to get it finished soon. I told my editor that I expect to have the first draft done by the end of June, but I might finish sooner.

I initially wanted to do a 20-chapter book, noting that Ruth Plumly Thompson usually had that many, but seeing as my story has a tighter plot than Thompson's (that's not ego, it's fact, Thompson could be very loose), I'm looking at about 16.

And the worst thing about writing an Oz story? You come up with ideas for more! So, I have another Oz book in mind. It's not a sequel to this one, in fact, at least one scene takes place before the one I'm working on, explaining an unexplained item in it. And now I will stop being so vague.

Also, I've been contributing some writing for other Oz projects, and what they are, I really can't say right now. But be sure that as soon as I can say, I'll tell you.

And the podcast, yes, I've been working on that. The next episode is being edited right now, though I think I started work on it too late to finish in time for this month, so we might have two next month, really.

Also, the L. Frank Baum birthday special is underway, thanks to the wonderful volunteers. I really love doing those, because collaboration is a lot of fun.

Anyways, back to editing and writing, and I promise, my take on Captain Salt Outside of in Oz will be coming!


Mark R Hunter said...

Being hard at work on a writing project is automatically a legitimate excuse for not being online much.

Anonymous said...

Your stuff rocks man. Have you heard that they are making a Dorothy of Oz movie that is coming out sometime next year. Did you have anything to do with this?

Jared said...

Oh, I've heard, but I've had nothing to do with it. I'll go see it, though!

Charlie Richards said...

Good luck and I'm looking forward to reading it!