Friday, January 06, 2012

Movies/TV Update

It feels like it has been quite a while since I've typed up a movies/TV blog update! There hasn't been much to report lately. Let's get right on to it then...

A U.S. release date for Dorothy and the Witches of Oz (formerly titled The Witches of Oz) has been locked and will be announced next week along some other neat things that will go on on the website including a new trailer. You can follow @TheWitchesofOz on Twitter for the latest. By the way... I will be in the 'Special Thanks' area in the end credits of the movie! How cool is that?

Have any questions to ask director/writer Leigh Scott or producer/star/composer Eliza Swenson? The Dorothy and the Witches of Oz blog is hosting a Q & A with them! Get your questions in by January 13th and keep them appropriate. More on that here.

Our friends over at L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz have put out some new desktop wallpapers on their website. For those who don't know, it's a faithful adaption of the book that they're hoping to release by the end of this year, or if not, early next.

The Dorothy of Oz Facebook page has put out a new still from the movie as a special holiday treat for the fans. You can check that out here.

Last August, actor Bruce Campbell announced that he was given a surprise role in next year's Oz, the Great and Powerful, directed by his friend Sam Raimi. Then, in November, Campbell tweeted, saying that his role was cut out of the film before filming. Now, we're hearing that he's BACK in the movie! Read more about that here.

Director Pearry Teo (who was originally said to be directed a film based on the 'Dark Oz' comics) is set to put a sinister twist on characters from Wonderland and Oz, specifically Dorothy and Alice. The project is called Bedlam Stories and is a fantasy/horror project that involves Dorothy and Alice being brought into the asylum to treat their fantasy land delusions. Two pieces of concept art for the movie as well as a poster have been released, and it definitely looks to be creepy. Teo plans to do all of the visual effects practically, so you may kill me for saying this, but I think this could have potential to be cool if done right. Check out the announcement, poster, and concept art for the movie here.

That's it for now! Enjoy your first weekend of 2012.


Jared said...

"Bedlam Stories" looks so dark and twisted, it actually looks stupid to me.

rocketdave said...

I don't love the concept art, but I believe "Bedlam Stories" has the potential to be an interesting movie. Or it could be another "Sucker Punch." Too soon to say.