Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Update: Scarecrow of Oz

Remember Hash Inc's amateur CG movie based on The Tin Woodman of Oz? No? It was released on YouTube a couple years back and then put on DVD. And the DVD was twenty dollars. After watching it on YouTube, I decided, uh... no thanks! It had really bad acting, and the animation was off.

All of these things considered, they've decided to put out a second movie based on an earlier book, The Scarecrow of Oz. But this film is intended as a sequel to their first one.

It's now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I haven't watched hardly any of it, but from the looks of it... things have not improved much since the last movie. Jared was able to sit through it, and he didn't seem to have anything particularly good to say about it.

From what I did see, there's a new guy voicing the Tin Woodman. Which is not a bad thing; he seems to be better than the actor (actually creator of the software...) that provided a rather dull performance in the first film. The Scarecrow now has a weird Winnie the Pooh/Mickey Rooney voice that is pretty annoying.

But, if you're in to this kind of thing, you can watch it here.

 Oh, yeah, and the first issue of the Dorothy of Oz prequel comic is now available from IDW. Check local comic shops or try and find it on eBay if you're compelled to do so. Apparently, the Jester is the Witch of the West's brother and despite the title, Dorothy is not present in the comic at all.

That's it for this week... happy Friday!

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