Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekly Update!

Hey, this is Jared. Angelo's having a weekend in Disneyland, so I'll be rounding up news this week.

Audible has released a new unabridged reading of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz read by actress Anne Hathaway as part of their new A-List collection.

The audiobook is available for download at Audible for about $15.

While Disney seems to be in "hush mode" over their film Oz, the Great and Powerful (though someone did tweet about overhearing some interesting sounds being mixed for the film), there's been a lot of legal news about conflicting Oz copyrights and trademarks as Warner Brothers attempts to maintain the MGM Wizard of Oz film as their own property and ensure that no one, including Disney, is attempting to profit from the classic film's original ideas. Over at Law Law Land, writer Dan Nabel provides an easy to read, humorous, and well-informed look at the situation.

That's just about all for this week!


saintfighteraqua said...

I honestly hope Warner succeeds in keeping Disney from using any MGM movie ideas.
Those ideas belong to that film and I don't want them leaking into any more Oz stuff.
I want Disney to build on what is in the books and leave that wonderful but over done musical alone. :)

The world needs to know that Dorothy's shoes were silver. ;)

Sam A M said...

And here I thought Anne was just reading the one chapter - So GLAD she learns about the FULL Book and knows more about it now!!

I hope she did a GOOD version of Glinda without being too silly or anything.

I think WB is being a bit overprotective and too obsessive about people and the copyright of Oz, as most of MGM's bits come from the book and there's plenty of room for NEW, FAITHFUL versions to be made by other studios.