Monday, May 07, 2012

Dorothy of Oz Prequel Comic #2

After the fairly unenthusiastic blog where I covered the first issue of the Dorothy of Oz prequel comic series, I felt it needed a follow-up.

Frankly, I'm impressed with the second issue. My opinion on the character designs haven't changed. But I suspect IDW is catering to Oz fans and that's why there are Shanower covers and a few nods to the actual Oz book series in the comic. In fact, the artist himself said that he added lunchpail trees on one page just to explain how the Cowardly Lion is hungry then not hungry.

In fact, another nod to the books is in the art: five citizens of Oz are telling the Scarecrow of the troubles the Jester has been causing already, and they wear the colors of the countries of Oz: red, blue, yellow, purple and green. If this same sort of nods to the books may be seen in the movie, I might be quite surprised indeed!

This issue focuses on the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion trying to find a way to bring Dorothy back to Oz by using a "Rainbow Mover," but first they need a rainbow. Meanwhile, havoc is going on in Dainty China Country.

There's an adventure from the book Dorothy of Oz that appears here, altered to be told without Dorothy in it, so I'm beginning to wonder just how loose of an adaptation of Roger Baum's book the movie is going to be. I must admit that it was one of my favorite parts of the book, so it's a little disappointing to know it won't be in the movie.

Huh, if the comic keeps up like this, it might actually be better than the movie.

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