Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Another Bucketheadful

Here's three more books from Buckethead Enterprises of Oz!

Dagmar in Oz by Chris Dulabone

This short Oz book is partly meant to reconcile the events of Dorothy and the Magic Belt with the Famous Forty. It explains that Nikidik left the youthened Mombi and young Nikidik with a couple who emigrated to Oz so they could have a family while he could leave Oz and work on his magic. Young Nik and Mombi bathe in the Truth Pond, restoring Nik's memory and Mombi's true age and form. Mombi leaves, but young Nik (going by Putnam) decides he'll reform.

Meanwhile, Dagmar, Queen of the Scoodlers, wants revenge on the Shaggy Man for tossing the Scoodlers' heads into the gulf back in The Road to Oz. Developing a paste that makes people do her bidding, she heads to Oz! Can she be stopped before she reaches the Emerald City?

The book is pretty short and ends rather abruptly, but it's also a rather fun read. You can get it here.

And The Case of the Framed Fairy of Oz by Gil S. Joel brings us a crossover story. Perry Mason and his friends go to Oz to deal with a nasty rumor that Ozma is practicing witchcraft.

I am not familiar with Perry Mason, but the story didn't really suffer from that. The Oz characters stay in character, though I was surprised by the character Allidap, who is said to be the Wicked Witch of the West. I wasn't aware she'd been resurrected! Guess I missed that one...

The book isn't illustrated, and ends with a little surprise and lesson for the people in Oz. It was a very enjoyable story.

You can get a copy here.

Finally, here's The Magic Ruby of Oz by Julia Inglis. A wicked Sorcerer and a Sorceress named Krinkle make a magic metal mockingbird to steal the magic treasures of Oz, turn Glinda and her entire palace into glass, and then set their sights on conquering the Emerald City!

Dorothy, Betsy, the Sawhorse and the Scarecrow set out to find help, and meet Miss Dickshon, a lady who deals in words, and eventually meet Ozmella, Ozma's aunt.

The story is quite a full-blown Oz adventure and wraps up rather nicely. However, I felt the writer did a little too much name-dropping where not needed. Quite surprisingly, a number of characters from still-copyrighted books appear, including Notta Bit More and Jenny Jump. Overall though, it was a lot of fun!

You can order a copy here.

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