Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Colorful Kitten of Oz

What color is Eureka, Dorothy's kitten? Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz says she's white, but under the colored suns of the Mangaboos, she changes colors, as does everyone else, but Baum notes when she turns pink. Later Oz books have her permanently pink, and Glinda of Oz has Dorothy mention her purple kitten.

How did Eureka's color change? Chris Dulabone offers an explanation in The Colorful Kitten of Oz, gorgeously illustrated by Melody Grandy.

The story jumps around in time a lot. The King of Pinkaree desperately wants a son to be his heir, but he's only had daughters. However, when a mysterious cat is rescued, it speaks to him and grants him a wish. He wishes for a son, and with a time-twisting turn, that's what he gets.

However, things aren't so easy, and by the time he dies, the catlike Prince Jeremy is missing. A grievous wrong has been committed, and only Queen Karen and a mysterious kitten hurled into the future can set everything right! Plus, the Mouskas are being invaded by the Catamarans!

Overall, Chris writes a very engaging and entertaining story that gives us an idea why Eureka might suddenly have an odd hue. However, she does drop out of it for quite a bit. However, the overall fun of the story makes up for it.

I'd normally link you to where you could get a copy, but it seems Chris sold out and the book is not listed on his site. Looking at turns up nothing. Unless Chris wants to do a second printing, looks like you might have to do quite a bit of searching to find this one!

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