Friday, August 31, 2012

Ozopolis 3!

I got my copy of Ozopolis #3 yesterday. Actually, copies. Right now, they have the limited SDCC variant cover available on their online store. I decided to get both!

Well, we've talked about Ozopolis before at the Royal Blog of Oz. Last year, I reviewed the first two issues, then writer Kirk Kushin kindly agreed to a podcast interview where he got to tease us with a few bits about this new issue at hand.

Well, if you're unfamiliar with Ozopolis, you might want to read my review of the first two before continuing on.

Done that? Okay.

Issue #3 opens with Ozma searching for the Magic Belt after it was lost in issue #2. Jack Pumpkinhead was looking for it himself, when his head fell down a hole and into a odd little town. Ozma herself goes to fetch it beack, in an adventure that I think owes a bit of a loving nod to the Ewoks from The Return of the Jedi.

Meanwhile, Trot is trying to find answers at Glinda's palace when she's introduced to Synlinda, Glinda's cousin. Something about Synlinda makes Trot uneasy.

Also, the Ozopolis debut of the Tin Woodman!

There's also a backup feature which is a text-only story about Toto as he looks for help defying the rude Fighting Trees in the Quadling Country. It is, however, illustrated and features the Ozopolis debut of the Cowardly Lion.

Another fine issue, though the standalone part of the story was much more closely tied to the overall story arc than the the previous two issues. However, the end of the issue says "To Be Concluded," so it looks likes we'll see the conclusion of this story... next year. Looking forward to it!

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Sam A M said...

That cover looks so much like a bit out of your story, except for the inclusion of Bungle.