Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Winkie Trip Reading, Part 3

And the final books read on the home stretch!

A Million Miles From Here is Oz by Chris Dulabone, illustrated by Arthur Clip and Marcus Mebes.

Something disastrous is happening, and no one knows what it is! The fairy magic of Oz and the surrounding countries is disappearing! Animals are reverting to natural forms, some of the Immortals are dying! What happened, who can stop it? It's up to Queen Zixi of Ix (gorgeously depicted by Marcus) and a few animals from Oz to find out and do what they can before it's too late!

A very enthralling tale about imagination, possibly one of Dulabone's best! I was almost moved to tears, and Oz books don't do that to me often!

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The Roots of Wonder in Oz by Gil S. Joel, illustrated by Chris Dulabone.

We go back to the earliest days of Oz, before humans (and humanoids) ruled the land and look at how some of the magic of Oz was set into motion.

This one was kind of a slow read. Because it's set in such an early part of Oz history, there are no classic Oz characters for readers to already know. Also, it's more of history than story, often going through prose rather than dialogue and getting to know the characters as they develop.

Well, it's an interesting non-traditional Oz prequel.

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Kaliko in Oz by K. Kline and illustrated by Michael Goldman.

First off, thanks to Eric Gjovaag for making sure I noticed this one at the Swap Meet Table at the Winkie Convention!

Kaliko's Nomes are bored, so he decides to declare a little war so they can blow off steam. But when his entire army are turned into diamonds, he can only sheepishly go to Ozma for help, but he gets a new friend who he wishes would go away: Eggy McShell, a giant walking, talking EGG.

But Ozma has her own problem! A woman named Bel-Sor-T claims she rented the Magic Belt to the old Nome King and now it's time for it to be returned. Ozma refuses, so Bel-Sor-T captures Ozma and most of the palace citizens!

Can Ozma get free from Bel-Sor-T? Can Kaliko get his Nomes back? And how can Kaliko tell Eggy "HANDS OFF"?

A very enjoyable story!

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Eric said...

You're welcome! I'm only too glad to help.

Sam A M said...

I should have read MY newly acquired readings for the Greyhound bus ride "home" (which was held up by traffic), instead of gazing out the window, nodding off and waiting, waiting, waiting and saving them for the Plane trip - which was mostly a NIGHT flight.